Rob Davis

Bio: I grew up in fundamentalist charismatic churches, through which I became an assistant youth pastor in my early 20s and then a worship leader. From there, I became an elder/pastor with an emergent-leaning church. I was then offered a job working for a neo-reformed evangelical church in Raleigh, NC. That lasted about 2.5 years, but my questions and doubts became too much to maintain in that environment. I left that church three years ago, became an atheist, and have not had much of a desire to actively participate in the institutional church since then. But, I have also seen that many post-religious people have reacted against caricatures of religion and religious people. I see that there is much more common ground than both fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist atheists want to admit. And, I think that the emergent movement can provide meaningful, non-judgmental spaces for people like me to seek community.

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Kile Jones

Bio: Kile Jones holds a Bachelors of Theology (B.Th.) from Faith Seminary, a Masters of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) and a Masters of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.) from Boston University, and is a current Ph.D. in Religion student at Claremont Lincoln University.  He also holds a Certificate in Science and Religion from the Boston Theological Institute.  Mr. Jones has been published in Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science, Philosophy Now, Free Inquiry, World Futures, Human Affairs, and the Secular Web.  He has presented at Conferences around the United States and the United Kingdom.  He is the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Claremont Journal of Religion ( His interests include religion and science, atheism, secularism, and philosophy of religion.  He also reviews books for Reviews in Religion and Theology (RRT) and is a Contributing Scholar for State of Formation (, an academic blog for emerging religious and ethical leaders.


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