A few weeks ago, the boys from Homebrewed Christianity had my friend Steve Knight on to talk about some important things. I already responded to what I thought was a misunderstanding of what Atheism For Lent actually is – or is trying to be. But, I also caught wind of something else I found interesting…

Steve mentioned Skeptimergent. I can’t remember how he worded it – something to the effect of “the most important thing in the history of the universe.” Something like that. Thanks, Steve.

But, the response from Tripp and Bo was what was fascinating to me: it was entirely dismissive, and they moved on. I’ve heard this kind of reaction from at least a few other people. So, I thought I would try to highlight what Skeptimergent isn’t, and then what it is (or is trying to be):

Skeptimergent is not an attempt by atheists, humanists, and so on to hijack the Emergent movement and make it its own. It is not just another trendy thing that is going to disappear.

But, what we have sensed is that there are a lot of people in the Emergent movement who are skeptically-inclined. And, there are those in the movement who would call themselves, in some sense, atheists.

Recently I was hanging out with Doug Hammack and he said he thinks the only possible Christian approach is a “Christian agnosticism.” Tony Jones has also recently described himself as an agnostic. The more people I talk to, the more this seems to actually be the norm in Emergent circles. I think most of us fit along a spectrum of agnosticism.

So, one thing that we’re trying to bring to the surface is that “skepticism,” broadly defined, is an integral part of the Emergent ethos. We are everywhere. I’m honestly surprised when I run into people claiming the Emergent brand while uncritically embracing orthodox Christianity.

Also, there are a number of people who seem to be “on the way out” of any organized spiritual anything altogether. But, they have found a “home” in a sense in this movement. I think Emergent should find ways to love these people out – as a sort of “transitional space.”

With all of that said, I think there needs to be an ongoing conversation about these realities and ideas within the Emergent movement. I think we need to find ways to get people together to talk about how to encourage critical thinking, to avoid the pitfalls of toxic, cult-like religion (which are what the “new atheists” are reacting against), and to acknowledge the presence of people along these spectrums.

I hope that Tripp and Bo were being dismissive of Steve’s comment due to a misunderstanding of what Skeptimergent is trying to accomplish. But, hopefully, through ongoing dialogue with those of us who have a really hard time signing on to even the most “progressive” set of Christian beliefs, all of us within the Emergent movement can see its enduring importance.


6 thoughts on “#SKEPTIMERGENT is…meh?

  1. just Got your tweet taunt 🙂 Did you go back and listen to the comment again? It seems like you didn’t catch the exact quote the first time so … ;p

    I think what I was pushing back on was Steve’s use of the adjective ‘biggest’ (if I remember right). That was it. Just questioned that it was the ‘biggest’ .


  2. Strangely it was Harris, Kraus and Shermer that helped me to break my Biblical orbit. Although I hate labels, today I’d call myself an agnostic theist. I still hold onto the idea that there is a relational force, probably much less kingly than the Biblical version. I still feel like an idiot when I list to Harris et al. I can’t explain my theistic leanings, but their not going away. So, where to hangout. Im find groups online that are open to the broader spectrum, including over the godless line, have been a very important part of my journey. It’s often a lonely experience to shed the baggage of your faith. I share your accessment of the emergent community, that it is largely agnostic, shedding baggage. Keep it up I need your voice.

  3. is skeptimergent an oxymoron? – ROBERT ANTHONY DAVIS

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